A tank came from the original sea, suddenly a large amount of sea water poured in, the tank sank and 9 soldiers were materialized

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The original title: a tank came from the sea, suddenly a large amount of sea water poured in, the tank sank, 9 soldiers were submerged and materialized

a light tank was specially designed for landing operations. It can carry soldiers and weapons on the water, and has certain armor protection ability and fire output. This is the amphibious assault vehicle. It can walk on both water and land. It is one of the necessary equipment in amphibious landing operations.

A recent training accident in the US Army has made the agility of amphibious armored vehicles a focus of attention of experts. On July 30, local time, near the coast of Nantian state, the 15th expeditionary force of the US Marine Corps conducted military training here, including the AAV amphibious assault vehicle. In practice, the Jiangsu fast three kill, this tank from the sea to land first impact Jiangsu fast three kill, next day at 5:45 next day, this tank suddenly issued the business table, the tank is not fresh, there is leakage, a lot of sea water into the tank, and then the two habitat tank first slowly sank.

After the occurrence of

, the US Navy immediately sent ships and helicopters to search and rescue. According to the initial introduction of the U.S. Marine Corps, there are 16 people on the amphibious tank, including 1 marine and 15 Marine Corps soldiers. After hard search and rescue, the military confirmed that one person died and six people were rescued (two of them were still treated in the hospital), and the remaining eight were missing.

According to further news from the U.S. expeditionary team, the U.S. Army has carried out 40 early search and rescue operations, with 1000 people square miles around. However, the eight missing soldiers were still found in foreign countries. The military issued a notice that according to the accident environment, the eight soldiers could have been rescued from other countries. Even if they could be found, they could almost survive in other countries, so they decided to terminate the search Rescue and ambulation, turn the focus to the pursuit of the remains of missing soldiers, and open the investigation of the accident.

The amphibious assault vehicle equipped by the U.S. Marine Corps is the aav-7 amphibious assault vehicle which was commissioned in the 1970s. This clear and outdated product makes the US Navy have the idea of eliminating it and preparing to use the updated AAAV. However, the plan was not supported by the Congress. The plan was stranded, and the US Navy had to constantly operate the old aav-7 assault vehicle in 2013 At that time, the US Navy renovated and upgraded a batch of aav-7.